It’s a bit dusty in here!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020


We are going to take a little break from the story of our dance and jump forward to today with a quick update on what is happening in the shop right now! After a long and often frustrating time – ticking all the official boxes – we finally have our very wonderful builders in to our beautiful heritage building, on the corner of Wolfe street and Lonsdale road in Wynberg’s Chelsea village.

Exciting, dusty, busy (and a little scary ) times are ahead and an opening date is in sight, if not quite finalised…you will be the first to  know when it is…pinky promise.

In the meantime, much to do on the building side as retaining the old charm and aesthetics of the shop is as much a priority to us as the interiors and stock within…which will be FABULOUS by the way, colourful, eclectic and charming…just like Amelia when she is awake!

We are very excited to have some truly great brands joining us such as Hertex Fabrics, Fat Sac, Urban Fabrics, Cape Island and Coco Africa to name but a mere few.

Amelia and I are hopping around like a couple of kids  just before Christmas as the day we can get in there draws closer. It will be so divine to finally put our vision, carefully sourced products, colaborations and collections together, to create a space that we hope anyone will want to visit, be inspired, browse,shop or just hang with us and chat. Its like having a giant dolls house to play in!..(but if my hubby asks, it is seriously hard work, stressfull and  I am on the edge, you can hint that a head massage would be a nice suprise !.)

Kizzie x

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