How the Wolfe came to dance with the Hare

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Actually our story should start, ‘How two slightly eccentric colour-loving best friends both the wrong side of the hill, decided to open a shop…’ Let me introduce ourselves. I am Kizzie… the Hare… tall, blonde, a closet bunny girl obsessed with the colour pink and the attention span of a mosquito. The Wolfe is my best friend Amelia… not so tall, dark, calm and cool, creative beyond belief and a staunch advocate of the afternoon nap.

Our story started 10 years ago, as it does with most mums, meeting at the door of our offspring’s classroom. While waiting to take our little darlings and their pet origami toilet roll penguin home, we hit it off immediately. We discovered a shared passion for art (we both paint), interior design, a blooming good laugh and a great cappuccino. Our families have been firm friends ever since.

Our journey with Wolfe and Hare however, started in earnest seven years ago, when, over not to few glasses of red, we had a fabulous idea. What if we could leave our husbands in charge of the children for two weeks while we jetted off to France on a whirlwind trip of architecture, cheese, wine, a little bit of shopping and not a school lunch box in sight!

Luckily for us, our two honeys of husbands manfully stepped up, well armed with wifely-prepared lists. These ranged from which child needed to be where, when and in what uniform. What time to feed the dogs and don’t forget to put them out on the grass for a pee last thing at night (the dogs not the kids and yes we did need to make that clear!). With that, we boarded that plane to Bordeaux with the stunned disbelief of two convicts who have made it over the wall!

A mere 24-hours later, our plane landed at Bordeaux Merignac Airport. Having located and collected our hired car, our sojourn gleefully began. After perilously navigating a large and confusing highway, we headed off into the countryside and on to our rented cottage in the sleepy town of Blaye on the Gironde estuary. (Amelia fitted in beautifully… France also spends half its waking hours taking a nap!)

The days were spent walking the historic Citadel with it’s cobbled streets. Sitting in the grounds with our water colour paints, the two of us painted the old window shutters and crumbling tiled roofs surrounded by summer flowers. Shopping was done at local markets. Espressos were had from hole-in-the-wall cafes while visiting museums and taking boat rides along the river. Our little car took us through lush green scenery scattered with many a rambling Chateaux and wine farm, without a care in the world (well, apart from knowing that there is only a two hour window in France to eat lunch before it all shuts till supper time… that was learnt the hard way on day two).

After five days we took a leisurely drive down to the town of Biscarrosse, which is surrounded by the largest forest in Europe and only 10 kilometers from the Aquitaine coast. The plan was to stay for a few days with an old flame of Amelia’s (lower that eyebrow please… all water under the bridge now!). David and his wife run the lovely Hype hotel and there we experienced French hospitality at its best. David sent us off on a tour of Bordeaux city and coffee on the Place de la Bourse. Amelia and I found ourselves scratching through antique monogrammed table linen and vintage clothes at the Sunday morning Brocante. David took us to wonderfully flavourful markets and superb lunches and sundowners with the locals. A day was spent at the beautiful and historically quaint town of Saint-Emilion with its many red wines to sample. When it was time to head home to Cape Town, we were both hedonistic with inspiration for cooking, fresh market shopping, painting ideas and nuances of the French way of life.

And so, after Amelia had endured a fortnight of French eye rolling and giggles (I had finally started to say “au revoir” as I left a shop and not as I entered it) a lot of laughter between the two of us, mostly at ourselves and making sure we both got our 12 000 words in each day, we headed home. Back on the plane we were already planning where we were to go the next year. We just need to convince those two boys to hold the fort again!

This was the glorious start of seven years of cultural travel, inspiration and a million ideas that are the foundation of our lifestyle and interior shop ‘Wolfe and Hare’ which will be opening in Cape Town this year in Spring. We would love you to continue to follow our journey through Rome, India, Vietnam and more, and travel the dance with us.

A slight caution… NEVER let Amelia drive in Europe. Not only does she drive on the wrong side of the wrong side of the road but every time she goes to change gear… she opens the bloody door!


Kizzie and Amelia x

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